Life Between Lives Spiritual Exploration

"All souls are created in the beginning and are finding their way back to whence they came." ~ Edgar Cayce

Have you ever wondered what the spirit world is like -- or if it even exists? Have you ever wondered what your true nature as a soul is? Have you wanted to connect with loved ones who have crossed over? Or perhaps connect with your spirit guides, angels or other spiritual beings? Have you ever wanted to feel peace and total, unconditional love?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, a Life Between Lives Exploration may be your path to deeper awareness and understanding.

What is a Life Between Lives Exploration?

Life between Lives Spiritual Exploration is an uplifting spiritual adventure of self discovery where you can explore your spiritual history and uncover soul memories of the spirit world between lives. It is possible to see into the spirit world though your mind's eye in a superconscious state and discover what your soul is experiencing between your lives on earth. This has a number of benefits.

  • It can be a deep process for healing on many levels and can give you a greater sense of purpose and universal understanding.
  • It can answer questions about your current life as well as your growth as a soul.
  • It can allow you to meet and receive guidance from your spirit guides, angels, soul groups, council of elders.
  • It can help and guide you to enhance your spiritual growth and wisdom to even greater heights.
  • It can give you greater clarity concerning your life purpose, life review, and much, much, more!

How Can Life Between Lives Spiritual Exploration Help You?

  • In the interlife experience, one gains greater universal and soul wisdom, knowledge, strength, and clarity.
  • Understand and experience life in the spiritual world and all its glory.
  • Gain clarity of ones life purpose and your soul's progress throughout time.
  • Receive reassurance that "life is continuous".
  • Gain direction and purpose in your current life.
  • Understand why, and how you choose your family, culture, body type, date and time of birth, occupation. Learn of your life challenges and how they relate to your current life experience.
  • Gain a greater sense of peace and joy.
  • Increase your spiritual awareness on all levels.
  • Feel a sense of total and unconditional love.
  • Have the sense of "being at home".
  • Meet and embrace loved ones who have crossed over.
  • Feel the universal connection.
  • Heal and release of soul patterns, fears, forgiveness and emotional issues on a universal level.

How Does a Life Between Lives Exploration Occur?

A Life between Lives session offers you a unique opportunity to explore the in-between life experience. It is very much like what has been described as near-death experience.

The process begins with a regression to your most recent past-life experience. After reviewing that life and re-experiencing the death process and release of the body, you are guided to the interlife for greater universal understanding. Upon entering the spirit world, you are greeted by loving beings such as your soul group, angel, guides or other spiritual beings.

Once you have entered the spirit world, you will be guided to various places of exploration, including places of learning, the Akashic Records, places of healing and restoration, body and life selection areas, and places where you will meet and work with your soul group and Council of Wise Ones. Meeting with Council is a place to review your soul's progress, receive guidance and insight into your current life's purpose, and ask any questions to which you desire answers. While in the spirit world, you will make decisions about what lessons are to be learned and what the best way to learn those lessons is in order to gain spiritual growth. This includes deciding where, who, and how the soul shall come into the next life for the greatest opportunity to achieve lessons.

Clients often experience deep healings and blockage releasing on many levels. LBL sessions can bring you a deeper level of compassion, feelings of unconditional love and joy, and a clearer picture of who you are as a soul and your soul's journey thoughout time.

It is advised that you should have at least two past life sessions before the Life Between Lives session. LBL sessions are intensive and can last between 3 to 5 hours. Time is given for questions and time for reflections. The session is taped for review and to process at a later time.

Spiritual Awareness Sessions - Sessions are also available for a specific purpose such as: accessing the Akashic Records; meeting and talking with your guides, angels, loved ones who have crossed, and/or spirit animals; chakra clearing; journeys to places of healing; and accessing your higher self. Each session can answer questions that affect your current life and assist in healing and understandings.

A Life Between Lives Spiritual Exploration leads you to a place of unconditional love and acceptance and creates a feeling of indescribable peace and joy. As one client says, "It is everything." I invite you to experience and explore this amazing experience into the interlife which is the ultimate journaey of your soul! You won't regret it!

Cost: $300 per session
For two or more sessions, there will be a discount of $50 off the second and third sessions.