What is Past Life Exploration - Past Life Regression

It is the deliberate use of a variety of methods to retrieve memories of experiences that occurred in other lifetimes." Sometimes called Past Life Regression, it is a process of recalling memories, impressions, stories or experiences from within you. It is a way of exploring different parts of yourself that you may not have been aware of on a conscious level. By re-experiencing past life events, one can bring about healing and change -- the goal is to look at your subconscious memories to gather knowledge, wisdom and a deeper understanding of your character. By obtaining information about your previous lifetimes you can gain full knowledge of your character, your personality, your purpose, your overall progress and the nature of your soul.

People carry a similar energy pattern from life to life. The pattern may change as people master lessons or experiences traumatic events, but the distinct nature of that person's energy, even when in a different body, allows one to recognize same energy when it reappears. You may also use one's own energetic sense to feel and recognize another's energy. While observing past lives, it is common to recognize people who are also now present in your life.

Many times you travel with the same group of people until you decide to change or continue to stay with that circle of people for various reasons. A person may incarnate into any race, gender, or religious or spiritual belief system.

A regression can reveal the roots of a phobia or other emotional blocks. If we look at the core of the problems in our lives it may well be a past life -- then a healing can begin to take place.

Results do not require belief. Open-minded inquiry is all that is necessary. The human mind is an unlimited storehouse of knowledge. The answers are already there, and the mind resonates with the excitement of discovery.

Although many people experience great revelations in past life exploration, there is no guarantee that everyone will.  Past life therapy is a powerful tool, but first comes the desire and determination of the person's acceptance of the information in assisting their healing and understandings.

Cost: $200 per session
For two or more sessions, there will be a discount of $50 off the second and third sessions.