Quantum Healing Hypnosis - Cannon Method / Past Life

Karen has also received training with Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing / Past Life Technique. Dolores Cannon is a world reknown speaker, author, teacher and Past Life Therapist with 40 years experience. She maintains and has found in her work that by accessing the subconscious mind (higher self) all healing can occur...any physical issue, disease, anything in the body, can be healed if there is that belief that the healing is possible. The subconscious mind can also address any issue in your current life or from the past that needs to be understood. Once understood, the root cause of that issue can be released and healed. She has seen thousands of clients with great success. Amazingly, Karen has witnessed the same with many of her clients, and has experienced the power of this session.

In preparation for a session, it is advised setting the intention before coming for a session; of having a clear and direct communication with your subconscious (higher self) that part of you that calls forth all healing. It is important to believe that all healing is self healing. You need to bring with you a list of questions that you would like answered to help you in your current life. These can include questions concerning any physical, spiritual and emotional issues which you would like answered by the subconscious. Bring those positive feelings with you, that all things are possible!

This is accomplished by taking a client to a past life and after the past life review, releasing the conscious mind completely and asking the subconscious to come through. The conscious mind (ego) must be able to leave the person and allow the subconscious to come through. The subconscious mind is a very powerful voice within us all, which gives us all the information and healing that we need to heal and understand in our current life.

Cost: $300 per session
For two or more sessions, there will be a discount of $50 off the second and third sessions.